Instrumental CDs for Therapeutic Healthcare Professionals

Attention All Therapeutic Healthcare Professionals!

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Integrative Health Specialists, Psychologists, Music Therapists, Yoga Studios/classes and the endless list of therapeutic healthcare options available to bring alternative healing and wholeness to the body, mind, soul, and spirit!

Are you…

New Sound and Healing Therapy CD Release: INTO ME SEE

 Sound and Healing Therapy CD
New CD Release coming August 18, 2014!

This CD project began with an unction to create pieces that incorporated specific frequencies reflecting the title of the album I felt led to release…

New WAVES CD Release 4/4/14

Uniquely and beautifully created to wash over listeners with waves of Spirit-led intention. This project began 'stirring' at the beginning of 2014. I sought Holy Spirit leading regarding the details before initiating any recording. I record spontaneously, but He…


Give the Gift of Music

This Christmas season consider giving the gift of music, both to others and to yourself. I have a number of unique instrumental CD's that have been Spirit-led and spontaneously created to bless your atmosphere with Peace, Love, and Joy. Each…

New CD Release: ALIGNMENT (renewing the body through sound)

ALIGNMENT is my newest CD (release date 10/04/13), and the first release of many more to come from the Sound Expressions (renewing the body through sound) piece of The Arts Expressed. Four of our family members experienced significant health…


Body Frequencies and Tunings

Did you know that each organ, cell, muscle, tissue, etc. in your body has a resonant frequency? Did you know that the frequencies of your voice contain revelation pertaining to the balance of frequencies within your body? (How do people…


The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet in Sound Healing

I have been experimenting with sound waves and the impact of different music on plants, humans, etc. since junior high science experiment days. As a college music major, physics continued to be one of my favorite subjects. My master’s degree…

Upcoming Projects

Beginning January 2013, I will begin working on my Spontaneous Hymns Keyboard Collection project, as well as a curriculum for parents with preschoolers through elementary school-aged children on identity, purpose, and giftings, entitled, Created to Worship. I am excited…


2012 CD Releases

2012 was a productive & blessed year for
Tammy Sorenson/Piano Expressions with three CD releases!

Listening samples & CD's are available at, CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon & other major distributors.

Tammy Sorenson/Piano Expressions' newest CD release, A Spontaneous Christmas Keyboard