Sound Expressions is holistic frequency infused sound healing therapy/instrumental/piano music. Tunings, frequencies, timbre, intention, and music are incorporated to impact the atmosphere, and to create spontaneous original pieces specific to individual or group needs. Available for individuals, families, churches, communities, businesses, schools, small groups/large groups, personal ministry/sound healing massage, special events, weddings, banquets, conferences, fund raisers, assisted living facilities, prayer/intercession, artistic inspiration/expressions, soaking, prophetic, healing needs ... any atmosphere that desires to encounter and release the Lord’s presence: His love, His peace, His patience, His kindness, His goodness, His gentleness, His faithfulness, His joy, and/or His healing.

How is Sound Expressions music different from other holistic frequency infused music, such as, Healing Frequencies, Whole Tones, etc.? Tammy Sorenson creates/records music spontaneously at Holy Spirit leading specific and personal to each individual. VoiceBio Software Assessment and Music Bible Writer Software are utilized to uniquely target each individual’s holistic frequency and Scriptural/spiritual NOW Word needs. A Holy Spirit inspired holistic frequency infused instrumental piece is then created especially for you in your Sound Healing Session!

  • Certified Sound and Healing Therapist
  • Certified VoiceBio Sound and Healing Therapist
  • Certified Vibrational Sound Coach Phase I, II, and III
  • Certified Integrated Bioenergetic Regeneration Therapy (IBRT) Practitioner
  • Psalmist (Doctorate in Practical Theology, M.A. Music Education, B.A. Piano Performance, B.S. Vocal Music)
  • Certified Essential Oils Coach
  • Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
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Sound Expressions music is peaceful and calming. Depending on the individual session, I also incorporate Scripture passages, melodically transcribed from the the Hebrew alphabet by a unique software into musical notion. The Hebrew alphabet has been scientifically proven to possess vibrational energy that impacts the atmosphere and enhances the sound therapy experience (*See Blog Page on this site for "The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet in Sound Healing").


The Psalmists

  • Have you recently considered the psalmists? A psalmist is someone who hears and expresses the heartbeat of the Lord through their gifting/skill in music. A psalmist ministers peace, rest, comfort, revelation, and inspiration into a specific time or place he/she is sent by the Lord. (See 1 Samuel 16:21-13 and Isaiah 6:8.) Psalming is not simply what we do, but it’s who we have been created/gifted/skilled to be for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in Christ.
  • Modern day psalmists have been through intensive training for Kingdom assignments that are now at hand. Pray about inviting us into your atmospheres to release, shift, worship, pray, or whatever other needs are pressing on your heart, soul, or mind.

Also, prayerfully consider the soaking music of psalmists as: 

  1. music to to release frequencies that impact physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs
  2. music to shift/release an atmosphere of peace and rest into the stress/anxiety of life/circumstances 
  3. music for prayer
  4. inspiration for creativity (painting, sketching, writing, dancing, photography, sculpting, crafts)
  5. music for contemplation
  6. worship
  7. studying the Word
  8. resting
  9. music without words to quietly listen, activating and empowering your own ability to receive needed direction and revelation
  10. releasing melodies, harmonies, rhythms, & frequencies for the healing of body, mind, & soul. 

To listen to sound clips from all of my CD’s :

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