WAVES of EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed) is an exciting new holistic frequency infused Holy Spirit inspired instrumental album coming April 2023. This prolific new project culminated due to a March 2023 EASE challenge from a good friend and Kingdom creative, Allison Lewis, of tealpatrickart. Allison extended a 30 day Facebook challenge for the month of March to all Kingdom creatives. Her challenge was to CREATE and RELEASE WAVES AS PRAYER into the quantum realm for 30 days consecutive days, These creative endeavors were to be in agreement and alignment with how Holy Spirit is ALREADY moving in the midst of our nation.

For myself, WAVES of EASE was created as a declaration and release of the energy and sound of corporate ecclesia agreement in alignment with the atmosphere of Heaven through Holy Spirit’s momentum of love and answered prayers. These answered prayers are specific to awakening in this hour in which we live. Each WAVES of EASE instrumental track is just under 10 minutes in length, as requested by a numerous holistic practitioners needing longer tracks for their ministries and holistic practices. WAVES of EASE is strategic for healing, wholeness, and Scriptural meditation. 

WAVES of Energy And Sound

A wave represents motion, flow, and creative Holy Spirit power. A wave represents energy and sound expressed, frequency, color, and light. WAVES of EASE represents the disruption of dis-ease through the release of the EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed) of the atmosphere of Heaven; through the release of the rivers of living water flowing through our innermost being into the NOW. Along with the 30 day March challenge, WAVES of EASE was created to be EXPONENTIAL in ACTIVATING sons and daughters through the creativity of our Heavenly Father present in each treasured individual.

This creative new project is an intentional exhortation of inspiration and being stirred to greater love, expectation, and creativity! Each WAVE of EASE instrumental piece is a holistic, Holy Spirit inspired expression, decree, and release of what He revealed through me in this challenge. I am His Psalmist, and my wholehearted intention is to yield to Holy Spirit leading on Earth as it is in Heaven on behalf of Him encountering every individual seeking Him for such a time as this! 


Micro SD cards of each of my holistic frequency infused instrumental albums. Available with individual albums, combined albums, with/without a bluetooth speaker! Prices with vary according to each requested item. 

The video above contains my Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay interview from Thursday, December 15, 2022. I was blessed and honored to be a guest on her Thrive With Dr. Robin Perry Braun Show via the Bold Brave TV Network. Dr. Robin and I discussed holistic frequency infused sound therapy, the science behind sound therapy and frequencies, and details specific to many of my instrumental sound therapy albums. Below is this Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay.

Additional Info for this Thrive With Dr. Robin Replay

There is so much more we could have discussed but did not get to as research is just beginning to scratch the surface on the many benefits of sound therapy. Some additional information we discussed during commercial breaks but did not get back to during the interview would include the following: 

*Every frequency is a nutrient. 
*There is so much exciting research happening to validate our need for sound therapy and the need to ensure we have a good balance of hearing from both left and right ears, bone conduction, etc. and not missing frequencies in our frequency landscape. 
*Music creates/puts back in missing nutrients. 
*Music can boost the immune system. 
*Sound creates nitric oxide which has many benefits at the cellular level. 
*Sound stimulates/music activates the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body, extremely important to immune health and directly connected to the voice. 
*There is nothing in creation in A 440 Hz tuning. 
*Just intonation tuning is the most aligned with nature. 


*For fascinating studies with extensive research check out David Gibson's The Complete Guide To Sound HealingGlobe Institute's Sound Healing Center and Research, or SomaEnergetics Vibrational Training Courses

*Be sure to also check out my Sound Therapy Session options, as will as my diverse selection of holistic frequency infused instrumental music on this website under MUSIC, at under SHOP PRODUCTS, and on all of your favorite streaming platforms, i.e. Spotify, Apple, Youtube, Amazon, Pandora, etc... 

*With regard to EMDR - everyone’s approach would be according to their training - for me, focusing on the opposite of the trauma, i.e. resting in Holy Spirit as Jesus heals is paramount. Some would prefer a visualization that walks the client through breaking free. 
*With regards to anemia, additionally, sound helps the immune system and in this case, specific to blood oxygen.

Lullabies of EASE

Coming January 2023

Lullabies of EASE (energy and sound expressed) launches January 2, 2023. This exciting and special new album will be available on this website under MUSIC, at SoundExpressions.netunder SHOP PRODUCTS, and on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms!

Lullabies of EASE (energy and sound expressed) is a holistic frequency infused instrumental album. Each song's intention creates a peaceful, calm, and soothing atmosphere for sleep and healing. Lullabies of EASE is the perfect gift for new parents, as well as for parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The music intentionally creates a calm and soothing atmosphere through holistic frequencies your little ones can sleep to during nap time, bedtime, or any time. Unlike "white or pink noise," these instrumental holistic frequencies pieces include 174Hz and each of the solfège frequencies that induce both a peaceful and healing environment for anyone of any age.

Lullabies of EASE has been created to ensure little ones start out and intimately know an atmosphere of the highest resonating frequencies with peace-filled rest. We are inundated in our current culture with negativity, anxiety, pandemic, division, and stress (all low resonating frequencies). Low resonating frequencies impact our health (body, mind, soul, and spirit), our relationships, and our overall quality of life. 

My Holy Spirit led holistic frequency infused instrumental Sound Therapy music converges these strategic frequencies, tunings, settings, Scriptures, creativity, and intention on behalf of listeners of all ages. Listener’s of all ages can encounter and engage the highest resonating frequencies and attributes, realigning, recalibrating, resetting, and restoring abundant life, wholeness, peace, and rest; Presence. 

For additional Sound Therapy instrumental albums visit MUSIC on this website. For Sound or Vibrational Therapy Sessions Visit SHOP PRODUCTS at

Thrive With Dr. Robin

Thursday, December 15, 2022 4pm CST

Tune into Thrive With Dr. Robin this Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. CST to watch my interview with Dr. Robin Perry Braun. I will be discussing sound therapy and the science behind sound therapy and holistic infused frequency music. I will also share about some of the many albums I have created for listeners and clients around the world. 

My Thrive With Dr. Robin interview can be seen on, Facebook live, Spotify, Apple and YouTube live. Check out this website store under MUSIC OR PRODUCTS for detailed descriptions of each album, as well as on your favorite streaming platforms, i.e. Spotify, Apple, YoutubePandora, Amazon, etc.

New Hymns of EASE Release

Instrumental Sound Therapy

November 2022 Hymns of EASE Release! I grew up on both piano and organ benches playing hymns from elementary school age. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the worship movement began to shift away from hymns, choruses, and music notation to the chord charts that are commonly standard in the current worship circles. Bob Sorge’s 2021 book release, Next Wave: Worship in a New Era, is an excellent resource detailing the history of modern worship. I have literally lived many of its pages.

My grandmother Helen, who passed from this life far too young, used to sit and listen for hours while I practiced hymns for church. A Piano Performance degree and a Master’s Degree in Music proved invaluable through all the years of playing in church and music ministry. My dream, however, was to become a professional accompanist, along with continuing to lead worship.

I sense that is why the Lord shifted me into the recording and Sound Therapy fields. He desires that I continue to use all the years and hours I invested into the practice and study of my instrument on behalf of others connecting intimately with His glorious healing Presence. He purposed for me to accompany Holy Spirit on a most profound journey of playing the NOW and the new song of Heaven over individuals and nations as only He can synthesize and conduct.

All of my original compositions, album releases, and music I record for holistic health practitioners and clients draw upon my intimate relationship with Holy Spirit. They also require all my Heavenly Father has orchestrated in directing my path throughout all the years of hymn playing, music reading, piano performance, and extensive musical studies. My Hymns of EASE Release birthed in the midst of this journey.

Many hymns are rich in Scriptural truths the church needs to once again embrace. It has always been in my spirit to record an album of favorite hymns. I utilized the past several years of global shaking and shifting to be obedient in recording very strategic and specific holistic sound therapy album assignments. The time has officially arrived to announce that one of those recent assignments is my upcoming November 2022 Hymns of EASE Release!

My Hymns of EASE Release is a holistic Sound Therapy album. Each hymn is recorded in strategic and intentional holistic tuning, frequencies, and settings. Because the hymns are public domain, this album will not generate any streaming revenue. Therefore, I pray many will purchase the full downloads (or purchase a hard copy from this website/from me) for their own devotional and intimate time with Holy Spirit, enjoying the richness of worship music that has stood the test of time. I know I thoroughly enjoyed the recording process with this album assignment. I am also abundantly thankful to my husband, Kevan, who applied his gift of sound to produce the piano pieces on this album.

This album is now available on this website under MUSIC (downloads) and at under SHOP Products (physical copies). November 1, 2022, Hymns of EASE is also be available wherever digital distribution is sold. This album is dedicated to my grandmother, Helen Brusven. I also dedicate this album to my parents, Milton and DeAnna Luchsinger, who ensured I had the instruments and the teachers throughout my K-12 years to arrive at this juncture in His Story. Being able to share the gifts and skills my Heavenly Father placed within me, online all around the world, with and for whomever Holy Spirit would lead to listen, manifests in immeasurable thankfulness, gratefulness, humbleness, and honor beyond words.

Hymns of EASE (Energy And Sound Expressed)
Sound Therapy
Tammy Sorenson Copyright 2022

A Mighty Fortress 528 Hz
Holy, Holy, Holy 963 Hz
How Great Thou Art Bb
Sweet Hour of Prayer A 444 Hz
’Tis So Sweet 852 Hz
I Love To Tell The Story 417 Hz
Praise To The Lord 396 Hz
I Need Thee Every Hour 741 Hz
Wonderful Words of Life 741 Hz
Amazing Grace F
Come Thou Fount 639 Hz
My Father’s World Eb
Blessed Assurance D
What Wondrous Love C#m

Hymns of EASE
Copyright Tammy Sorenson November 2022

All Rights Reserved
Produced by Kevan Sorenson
Jewel Case Design by Alison Teal Lewis
Dedicated to Helen Brusven, Milton & DeAnna Luchsinger 2022

EASE for the Nations

New Release Coming 9/27/22

New EASE for the Nations Holistic Frequencies Sound Therapy and Intercessory Instrumental album release! This exciting new album is a Holy Spirit download assignment, releasing the heartbeat of Heaven on Earth for the Nations. Energy And Sound Expressed (EASE) manifest the frequencies, the creativity, and the intention of the assignment.

I sought Holy Spirit regarding the holistic frequencies, settings, tunings, and nations and, writing down detailed notes. On the day I was to begin creating and recording, Holy Spirit spoke to me regarding a specific nation as my starting point. I inquired about the frequency and instantly received my answer. I went to my detailed notes, only to discover that very nation and frequency, moments from receiving Holy Spirit instruction, was already aligned in my notes. This is where my EASE for the Nations journey began.

The following morning, I suddenly awakened from a dream by hearing in my spirit two short clips of two familiar public domain songs. Holy Spirit then spoke, “I have give you the bookends. Now go create the recording and I will fill in all the rest.” This detailed instruction gave birth to the second piece. Needless to say, each piece, each setting, each tuning, each frequency, each intercessory heartbeat experienced on behalf of every nation included on this EASE for the Nations album was nothing short of supernaturally astounding!

It is with profound excitement, passion, zeal, and delight, for such a time as this, i.e. when the entire Earth is groaning, EASE for the Nations will release on September 27, 2022. EASE for the Nationswill be available on this website under MUSIC and at as well as wherever digital distribution is available.

Awaken Your Journey

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Quantum healing is energetic healing. It’s measurable. It’s frequency. Energetic healing by-passes the gut and is delivered directly to the atoms, molecules and cells of the human body.

In the upcoming FREE online event, you will learn from so many gifted people on the quantum healing technologies they use to improve the wellness of their patients/clients. Flower Essences, Theta states of healing, energy centers, elements of life, voice analysis, micro-circulation, the truth about Solfeggio Frequencies, Sound Healing, Rife technologies, Nervous system, Light, Coaching and Prayer. And much more!

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