Streams of Refreshing

Tammy Sorenson

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An innovative, intimate, and pioneering September 2020 instrumental sound therapy album with a prolific new sound for a new season. Streams of Refreshing, authentically depicted through the album art, releases Holy Spirit led holistic infused frequencies with the intention of the One who IS the Healer. Refreshing and restoring through the healing power of our Heavenly Father's Love, both tracks, Refreshing Hearts and Refreshing Love, contain nearly 30 minutes each of Holy Spirit Presence washing over the listener with 639 Hz and 528 Hz frequencies and the supernatural power of Christ to renew, restore, and transform body, mind, soul, and spirit.

This album is a profoundly intimate instrumental Sound Therapy experience with a refreshing new sound unlike any other. Smooth, atmosphere of Heaven flowing melodic lines intricately intertwine in unique harmonic progressions and timbres that gently draw each listener into an encounter with the One who desires to know, refresh, heal, and restore each and every treasured son or daughter. Holy Spirit conducts the frequencies flowing from the Throne Room, releasing the song Heavenly Father intimately sings over each precious individual. This album is a personal and beautiful experience in the new sound of the One who IS the desired and needed Refreshing.

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